7 Common Mistakes When Buying a Recliner

Generally, people who are looking to buy recliners are buying them for their homes. The majority of them intend to use the recliner in their offices or places where they will be seated on a chair. However, there are also some buyers who want to use the recliners at home too.


7 Common Mistakes When Buying Recliners Buyers Do

1. Having an incorrect height table while checking out the comfort of the chair.

Experts recommend that one must choose an appropriate height table on which he/she can sit down and check whether or not the ‘backrest’ (the part where your back rests while sitting on it) is adjustable enough for you to adjust according to your needs. It should be at least 18 inches high.

2. Not checking the width of the chair before buying it

Make sure that the chair which you want to buy for yourself is wide enough as well as long enough to support your body’s frame from head to toe, from left to right. The armrests should also be extended properly so that you can have a nice rest and sleep on them.

3. Buying cheap recliners

We all know this already! Why do we still continue doing this? Because we really like having ‘cheap’ stuff at home; we like them because they are cheaper than other brands and models, but what if later after purchasing those goods we find out that it has some defects or issues? What would you prefer then – spending more money to repair or replace the defective product, or getting a new one at a cheaper price? This is what we call ‘future spending’.

4. Buying recliners that do not go with your mood

You know that sad and depressing feeling when you enter into a furniture store and suddenly all kinds of comfy chairs and recliners welcome you in their homes? Look carefully and check before buying – whether the chair looks stylish and suitable for your home. If it does, then buy it otherwise leave it. There are so many types of styles out there in the market; there is bound to be something which is perfect for your sitting room.

5. Not considering personal preferences

Although most customers consider comfort whenever they want to buy any kind of furniture, they generally forget to consider their personal preferences when deciding to buy the chair. For example, if you are buying a recliner for your home library or study room, make sure that it is not too cushy because the more it gets cushy, the more comfort it provides thus making you less productive at work.

6. Forgetting to check out available options in the showroom

If possible try checking out all of the items available in that particular showroom. You never know what is new there! Go around and look for various models which might be available on display so that later on you will have plenty of choices to pick from.

7) Buying recliners with bolt covers

Bolt covers are decorative objects put on furniture’s bolts or screws to hide them. They are put there because the screw is normally visible on the surface of the furniture which you can see, but bolt covers make it look much better and elegant. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who buy recliners forget about this small detail and end up buying it without checking if their recliner has bolt covers or not.

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