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How Much Do Stressless Recliners Cost

Most stressless recliners cost around $1500-$2500. However some may have additional features, so prices can go up to $3500. A smaller, cheaper variety of stressless recliners costs around $750-$900.

Why are stressless recliners so expensive?

Most people think that the reason stressless recliners are so expensive is because they have added features, or because they use special materials to make them comfortable/soft/etc, but this is not the case. The main reason that stressless recliners are so expensive is actually because of branding.

stressless recliners

Branding Cost

Stressless was founded in Norway and is one of the biggest sellers of stressless recliners. Because they are so large, many people prefer to buy from them over other brands even though it may be more expensive because they trust the brand, or because they know that it will be easier to get spare parts if anything goes wrong with their recliner (this is also not true).

Since this company came up first, people think that all stressless recliners are high quality. This has led to an increase in demand for their products which means that they can charge more money for them. Since there is no way to prove that one type of recliner is better than another (unless you see someone sitting on the seats) potential buyers will assume that a higher price means better quality.

What about cheaper stressless recliners?

There are some cheap stressless recliners out there but you should know that they are probably not real stressless recliners. Stressless only sells to authorized dealers (people or companies that sell their products), so unless you buy from these dealers you cannot be sure if your recliner is really a stressless or just another brand which has the same name as stressless.

Some brands have copied the original design so closely that even though they may be selling for less than $500, people are still fooled into thinking that they are buying a stressless recliner.

Best alternative to stressless recliners

There are many recliner chairs on the market, but none of them is as comfortable and stylish as Stressless – a product from Norway. The company has been designing recliners for more than 40 years now and its products have always been built with an aim to provide utmost comfort and relaxation.

But there is good news for those who aren’t willing to pay $2000 or more for a reclining chair. Nowadays, there are plenty of options that you can choose from if you want a Stressless alternative. Below we present some of the best ones:

Stressless Alternative can be BestHome Furnishings

This is a really comfortable reclining chair made by BestHome Furnishings, one of the world’s most popular furniture brands. The chair is available in eight colors and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on it. This alternative to Stressless recliners doesn’t have all of the technical details that the original one has, but it’s still pretty impressive. It can be purchased for about $1400 which makes it an affordable option compared to the original product.

Stressless Alternative by Jika

Manufactured in Italy, this is another popular choice among buyers who look for alternatives to Stressless recliners. The can be bought online or at any local furniture store. Jika recliners are comfortable and they come in a large array of colors and designs, starting form $650 for the basic model.

This Stressless alternative also comes with all types of upgrades like heating, massage, etc., but it’s still not as pricey as the original product. You can choose what you need or go for the basic model without any additional features if you want to save some money.

Stressless Alternative by Coaster Furniture

The main idea behind this recliner is that it tries to imitate everything that makes Stressless recliners so great – ergonomic design, comfort elements included in every section of the chair, and solid construction. With all these features included at an affordable price point of $850.

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