How To Clean a Leather Recliner

How To Clean a Leather Recliner

One thing you should make sure to do is vacuum the seat before cleaning it.

You’ll need a few items to clean your leather recliner:

  1. Water based cleaner (any brand)
  2. Sponge brush or cloth (to spread water on surface)
  3. Stainless steel wool pad (make sure not to use anything with wood fibers, like sandpaper or steel wool pads that aren’t stainless steel.)
  4. Synthetic chamois leather (or microfiber towel) – (A note about synthetic chamois leather: you can find this at auto shops and some hardware stores. It’s meant for drying off cars, but you can also use linen, cotton or cotton blend towels. Just remember not to use terry cloth, because the loops will catch on the leather and cause damage.)
  5. Soft rubber or plastic bowl (to mix water based cleaner in)
  6. Sponge (to wipe away cleaner)
  7. Old toothbrush (to scrub very dirty spots)
  8. Hair dryer (not necessary but helpful if you need to get rid of excess water quickly; make sure it’s set on cool air!)

Lets start the guide how to clean a leather recliner :

How To Clean a Leather Recliner

Step 1 – If there is any dirt/stains/muck on your recliner that can be removed with a damp sponge brush or cloth, remove them now.

Step 2 – Mix water based cleaner with an equal amount of clean water using a stainless steel bowl or cup; stir until thoroughly mixed. (I’m assuming you already know how to mix up your cleaner; if not, check the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle.)

Step 3 – Now that your leather recliner is clean and dry, pour some of your mixture onto a sponge brush or cloth.

Step 4 – Spread the cleaner over the surface of your recliner, taking care to cover it evenly and completely.

Step 5 – Then dab a cloth or sponge down dry with a clean water/water-based cleaner mixture so that there is just a small amount of moisture on the leather. This helps prevent streaking as you wipe away the wet cleaner.

Step 6 – While still damp, use stainless steel wool pad to scrub away any areas that are very dirty or stained–taking extra care around stitching and crevices in the material. Use circular motions when scrubbing — never apply too much pressure because it can damage leather–and rinse often to avoid spreading dirt back over cleaned areas!

Steps 7 – Rinse the area thoroughly with water (I use bottled water), making sure you cover all areas until no suds appear while cleaning.

Step 8 – Repeat Steps 5 & 6 to remove the remaining cleaner residue and polish laced leather recliners like wing chairs or glider recliners.

Step 9 – Then, either leave your leather recliner to air dry (with a fan blowing on it if you live in a humid climate) or speed up drying time by using a hairdryer on cool air to carefully go over the surface of the material–taking care not to melt any vinyl parts! Avoid high heat settings that could damage leather!

Step 10 – Once it’s fully dry, give your leather recliner another once over.

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