How To Fix a Lazy Boy Power Recliner Footrest

This is what my problem looked like when I finally pushed the footrest back in place.

As mentioned above, when you sit on my lazy boy power recliner, the footrest jumps out of its slot and lays over to one side. It also makes an annoying clicking noise while doing so.

What causes a lazy boy recliner footrest to malfunction?

I have experienced this problem for over half a year already. I soon had enough of its misbehavior so I decided to fix it myself by looking up some recliner repair guides on Google. The first one that caught my attention was the DIY-Home-Repair . However, there were no tips on how to fix faulty recliners.

I tried searching another website with information about lazy boy footrest problems and stumbled upon the following article: How To Fix A Power Recliner’s Footrest Mechanism | . This guide sounded more promising but it didn’t give me any clue as to what could be wrong with my lazy boy power recliner footrest either! It made me think that the problem might be either in the switch or in the recliner’s mechanism.

So, I tried to take off the footrest cover by removing its screws. This allowed me to view my lazy boy power recliner’s interior and check out what was wrong with it.

To my surprise, nothing looked broken at all! The footrest still had movement even though it did not make contact with the upper part anymore because of one loose spring that was no longer connected to the rotating arm inside. As you can see below, this is what my lazy boy power recliner’s faulty footrest looks like:

I’ve also noticed that one metal piece (that locks the footrest in place) has broken off too… but it didn’t affect the footrest’s behavior.

After I’ve fixed the first spring, my lazy boy power recliner started working again like it should. The footrest no longer jumps out of its place and makes a clicking noise while doing so!  

In conclusion, the problem was caused by a faulty metal piece locking mechanism that I have replaced with a new one instead of replacing the whole mechanism because it is not necessary. This way, I saved money and time by buying just a single part instead of two or more for this purpose.

Lets Wrap it Up..

Some of the most common causes that affect a recliner include loosening screws and broken part, which may seem like an easy fix, but can be a big problem down the road. Fixing these malfunctions on your own is certainly possible with some experience, but it might be better to leave this job up to a professional if you don’t have one already.

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