How to remove a recliner back?

How to remove a recliner back

Recliner backs are usually removable for easier transport.

You can follow the following easy steps to remove it easily and move wherever you want to.

Step 1

Open the seat part of the recliner all the way. Pull out on both sides until they snap into place and won’t close anymore, then rotate them upwards so that you can see what’s holding them in place underneath each side with your hands.

Step 2

Put one hand under each spring cover, which will be secured by a hook or clips underneath holding it onto the base mechanism of the chair itself.  Use your fingers or a flathead screwdriver to pry this up off of its hold with some force, but not so much force that you have to use your whole body weight.  Once one side of the spring cover is loose you can likely remove it with your fingers, or use a flathead screwdriver to wedge underneath and gently pry up until it stays in your hands.

Step 3

Repeat for the other side of the chair if needed.  Then, lower both straps back down into place when you are done for easier transport in most cases.

How to take the back off a lane recliner

Step 1

Open up the seat part of the chair so that you can see underneath it where the hinges are connected.  You should also be able to see a thin panel on top of these connections, which is what holds the recliner back in place under the seat.

Step 2

Use your fingers or a flat head screwdriver to very lightly pry up where this thin panel meets with one side of each hinge connection underneath it, but not too hard as if you break this thin panel then your chair will basically become unusable without replacements from Lane Furniture.

Step 3

Repeat this for both sides, and then lift up on the thin panels once they’re loose.

Step 4

With the seat portion of the recliner back in your hands, look along each of its edges for a thin line where it is connected to the bottom section of the chair underneath.  Insert your fingers on both sides of these lines and pull them apart while pressing on top with one finger until they snap into place at their original hold points, then press down with both hands to secure them again.

Step 5

Take care that you don’t put too much force on this thin panel, as it can crack or break if you pull up too hard when removing it–just pry enough so that you’ve got plenty of play between each edge and what’s holding it onto the underside base mechanism itself.

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